Gregory Reis and Giri Narasimhan, Academy for CS Education, FIU


Teaching mathematics effectively in middle school is recognized as a national challenge. We learn better when we experience it visually; we learn even better when we experience it with action or if we can make a robot perform the action. The MathBotics curriculum aims to deliver mathematical concepts using the versatile vehicle of Robotics. Each MathBotics lesson plan will focus on one or more mathematical concepts, show how to set up the robotics plan, implement and execute it. The lesson plan will also identify the common core standards mapped to the lesson.

Sample Lessons

Sample MathBotics lesson plans and sample videos of implementations can be found below.

  1. Entering Descartes’ World (Video1, Video2)
  2. Labyrinth Escape
  3. Trace the Geometric Shape
  4. Pick your Routes
  5. Ping! how far is the obstacle?


The MathBot (shown below) is a simple, inexpensive robot designed to assist in the MathBotics curriculum.

The MathBot

Mapping Standards

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