How I got my students to stop staring at screens

One of the more well known problem in this day and age is that children are constantly focused on a screen. Screen time is increasingly becoming present in children’s and teens’ daily lives as schools incorporate more digital devices for use in the classroom. Too much screen time has been linked with a host of issues such as sleep disorders, obesity, and an entire range of mental health problems, tending to result in lower academic performance. It’s too easy for people to get addicted to what is on their screens. So, what can be done about this?

The article below has several points on this:

  1. Not everything that has been replaced by technology has improved retention
  2. Have a honest talk with kids regarding screen time
  3. If you are concerned about the screen time in schools, talk to the teachers about it
  4. It’s easy to lost track of time, but keeping track of screen time helps

For more information, please read the article: How I got my students to stop staring at screens

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