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FIU High-School Programming Competition

2017 Annual FIU High School Programming Competition

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017, 8:30am to 4:00pm

Overall Director: Joslyn Smith, Senior Instructor, Florida International University (smithjo@cs.fiu.edu)

Technical director: Kip Irvine, Senior Instructor, Florida International University (irvinek@cs.fiu.edu)

Guest VIP Speaker: Dr. Nal Williams, professional trainer and educator.

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Great illustrations by the students (raffle cards)

Competition rules

Team instructions

Problem descriptions

Judges’ solution programs

Judges’ test data

Final scoreboard

Corporate Sponsor: Ultimate Software

Each year for the last twelve years, FIU has offered this programming competition to the
South Florida Community.In addition to sponsorship
by Ultimate Software, the contest is supported by the School of Computing and Information
Sciences at Florida International University.

Contest Archives

Sorry, Registration is Full

You may contact Kip Irvine by email (irvinek@cs.fiu.edu) to be put on a waiting list.

Student programs must read and write standard input, so no popup windows (such as JOptionPane) are permitted.
Programs cannot try to read or write named data files. Each team of three students attempts to solve a set of programming problems within the contest duration.

Registration is free, thanks to a generous grant from Ultimate Software.

Any other teams registering after 3/8/2017 will be accomodated only on a space-available basis, and will not be guaranteed specific t-shirt sizes for team members.

Each team consists of 1-3 members. A mixture of easy,
medium-difficulty, and one or two advanced problems. The most advanced problems may require
some familiarity with graph searching, backtracking, geometry, elementary combinatorics,
and sorting with comparators. As many as 30 teams will be able to compete.
You may pre-register more than two teams, but each school is only guaranteed a
spot for two teams. After the registration deadline, unused team slots will be
awarded in a way that will allow as many schools as possible to bring a 3rd team.
If additional space is still available after that, we will allow schools to bring
a 4th team.

Individual medals will be awarded members of the first, second, and third place
teams. Each student attending the event will be given a T-shirt and lunch.
Students and coaches are responsible for their own transportation to and from
the event. Door prizes are likely.