CodeHER Creative Coding Camp

CodeHER Creative Coding Camp

For 3rd – 6th Grade girls interested in game design, coded art, 3D modeling, and creating animations, this is a chance!

No coding experience needed.

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Bioinformatics Internship Program for College Students

Director: Prof. Kalai Mathee, MSc, PhD, MPH

Co-Director: Associate Teaching Prof Dr. Trevor Cickovski, PhD

Prerequisite: R Package and Python Language

This is a 12 week program where participants can explore a variety of areas in Bioinformatics Research conducted by the Florida International University faculty members and students. 

More information on the website.

SOFLO CSTA Hackathon

Calling anyone who loves programming to the SOFLO CSTA Hackathon!

Organized by CSTAMiami and CSTAPBC/Broward, the hackathon welcomes teams of of 3 – 5 students from any schools located in the Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties.

Each team needs a mentor who can be a teacher or any trusted adult.

Competition Window: December 7 – 11, 2020

Sign up today at


CS helps students outperform in school, college, and workplace

The field of computer science is not only mathematics, it is really problem solving and critical thinking. Studies done on classrooms that involve computer science as part of their lessons with the usage of shows that students have better results in their test scores in reading, writing, math, and science.

To learn more on this topic, please visit: CS helps students outperform in school, college, and workplace

Parents Think Computer Science Education Is Important

Google and Gallup reports that close to 7 out of 10 parents and guardians of students in middle and high school in the US say that computer science is important. This report comes from Google’s and Gallup’s third study on the topic of understanding views on computer science and access to learning opportunities in K-12 schools.

To read more on this topic, visit this link: Parents Think Computer Science Education is Important

In 8th Grade, Separate Algebra is Unequal Algebra for Black Students

Recently, the Educational Researcher found that teachers cover significantly less algebra material in the classes in predominately black schools. Algebra is often considered the road to advanced mathematics. While a math course that includes algebra could be considered an algebra course, it does not prove that black students are getting the time and accessibility that they need in the topic to succeed in the upcoming advanced mathematics courses.


To learn more on this topic, follow this link: Separate Algebra is Unequal for Black Students